School Book Covering Solutions From Filfix

We sold our first box of Filfix in 1988; our products are now sold in every town in Ireland!

Peel & Seal®

This patented colour coded system is the most efficient and economical way of covering books.

Covering Machine

Custom fit protective covering on any book with our German engineered book covering machine.

Filfix Covers

Rolls and wallets designed to protect your books against dust, grime and everyday wear and tear.

Bio-Degradable Book Covers

We have introduced a range of copy & work -book covers that are fully recyclable. This product range is to support schools, pupils & parent to move towards greener solutions.

Illustrated Copy Book Covers

Available in packs of five, with fun engaging graphics, this range of copybook covers are printed in the core subjects of Maths, English, SESE, Gaeilge.

The Peel & Seal® Book Covering System

The Peel&Seal® Book Covering System is quick and easy to use with no waste. It covers books of different shapes and sizes. It’s the most effiicent and economical way of covering large numbers of books (book rental schemes).

It’s made from a durable material to protect books against everyday wear and tear.

Illustrated Copy Book Covers

Each subject has a specific illustrated character based on an Irish indigenous animal along with an inspiring quote. We strive to ensure our products are the best quality, plus we are always looking for ways to improve our offering.

This product range was developed to help pupils find their subject specific copy quickly in their school bag or box, plus engage with young minds through fun colourful illustrations.

Bio-Degradable Book Covers

As we are all trying to reduce our plastic consumption and look to more sustainable and environmentally friendly options. We have introduced a range of copy & work -book covers that are fully recyclable.

This product range is to support schools, pupils & parent to move towards greener solutions.

About Filfix Book
Covering Solutions

Declim Ltd, is an Irish company manufacturing Filfix book covering products. Our philosophy has always been to drive innovation in the area of book covering. Initially, realising that there must be a better way of covering books than with wallpaper or brown paper, we produced and sold our first box of Filfix products in 1988.

Since then, we have sought to create and deliver industry-leading products in the field of book covering.

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Book Covering in 4 Easy Steps

May 18th, 2016|

With our innovative book covering machine the user can effortlessly tailor fit a durable and protective cover on any book,

What Our Clients Say used the Filfix book covering system for covering books. We found that the covering was easy to use and the quality of the product was excellent. As an Irish company we are delighted to support Filfix, book covering is an important part of the service we offer at and the Filfix system has made our job a lot easier and our customers are happy.

The new colour coded book covering system is brilliant; it has made the task of covering the books so easy for our parents association. You can measure the book, choose your cover and fit it in a few seconds. The cover itself is very robust and will stand the test of time.

Ballynoe N.S. Parents Asoc.

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