Filfix Covers

We have been selling FILFIX Covers for many years providing a much needed solution to a tedious and time consuming problem.

For years parents were using wallpaper, brown paper, wrapping paper, etc to cover books. With our innovative rolls and wallets, we remove the hassle of covering books for good!

Our covers:

  • Removes the hassle of covering books
  • Protects and extends the life of your books
  • Easy to use
  • Clear or colored polypropylene covers

Protect Your Books From Wear And Tear

A Filfix clear transparent jacket allows one to easily identify book titles without altering the look of the original cover.

What Our Clients Say

Filfix has been supplying High Street Books with covering materials since 2001. During that time they have developed their own covering system, in consultation with us and this system has shown great reliability!
Damien Moriarty, High Street Books

Try Demo

All enquiries welcome and a demonstration can be arranged on request. Our clients include Schoolbook shops, Schoolbook rental schemes, Public Libraries, Primary and Secondary Schools.