In November, we unveiled our ground-breaking ‘Peel & Seal’ book covering system at the IPPN Teachers Conference, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from hundreds of attending principals. The standout feature of our system is its unparalleled efficiency, revolutionizing the book covering process. School leaders were amazed at how effortlessly and swiftly books could be covered, outpacing traditional machines and saving precious time for educators.

What sets ‘Peel & Seal’ apart is its adaptability to the specific needs of schools, especially those with a substantial volume of books. Unlike costly book covering machines, our system requires no upfront investment. Schools can now order as few as 50 covers, offering a cost-effective and flexible solution. This not only makes the ‘Peel & Seal’ system accessible to a broader range of educational institutions but also ensures that schools invest only in the covers they need.

The positive reception at the conference highlighted the transformative impact ‘Peel & Seal’ can have on streamlining school operations. Principals expressed enthusiasm for the potential time and cost savings, empowering educators to focus on delivering quality education. Join us in embracing this innovative solution as we redefine the efficiency of book covering in schools.